Green Gemstone Jade

Types Of Gemstones - Green Gemstone Jade

Jade comprises two different mineral species.

Nephrite Jade is a variety of the mineral Actinolite, and Jadeite Jade ia a variety of the mineral Pyroxene. Today, the largest source of lapidary Nephrite Jade is mined in Canada. Nephrite Jade is cut into cabochon gemstones, beads and ornamental carvings. The color of Nephrite Jade is mostly green and gray, however, it can be found in translucent and opaque white plus various browns. Nephrite Jade has a dull luster and is medium hard at 6 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale, plus it measures 1.606 - 1.632 on the refractive index.

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Green Gemstone Jade

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