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    Kyanite Garnet Necklace

    Price $332.00

    The Exotic Necklace is a Kyanite Garnet Necklace that is designed and handmade by Jewels Luxus Jewelry. This seventeen inch Exotic Necklace features two hundred fifteen carats of eight millimeter kyanite gemstones and two millimeter faceted Rhodolite Garnet gemstones which are used as spacers. The Exotic Necklace is closed with a magnetic clasp made from vermeil. Vermeil is high karat gold, usually twenty two karat, applied over sterling silver. At Jewels Luxus Jewelry, customer's will find unique handmade jewelry and exotic gemstones. The Exotic Kyante Necklace is a perfect example of a unique jewelry necklace.

    Length: 17 inches

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    Green Amethyst Ring

    Price $294.00

    The Augusta Ring, from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Green Amethyst Silver Ring. The Augusta Ring features a ten millimeter, 3.45 carat, Green Amethyst gemstone which is set in a sterling silver ring. The beautiful Green Amethyst gemstone is subtle in color, but its large ten millimeter size will get attention. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Augusta Ring is finished with a high polish, all you have to do is enjoy this fantastic handmade silver gemstone ring. Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

    Size: Seven

    Jewels Luxus Jewelry is made in the U.S.A, because it matters.

  • Rhodochrosite Necklace

    Price $707.00

    This Rhodochrosite Collar Necklace, from Jewels Luxus, features the finest quality translucent Rhodochrosite gemstones that have a total weight of three hundred carats. The Rhodochrosite necklace tapers from seven millimeters to six millimeters. The gemstones are cut from the solid red portion of the mineral specimen. This type of Rhodochrosite is known as ortiz, and is sought after by collectors. Rhodochrosite has a beautiful rose-red color and is often called the love stone.

    The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Rhodochrosite Collar Necklace is fifteen and a half inches long and is complemented by high quality fourteen karat gold findings and safety clasp. A sixteen millimeter faceted Rock Crystal gemstone completes this classic look. From the jewelry designers at Jewels Luxus.

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    Obsidian Pendant Necklace

    Price $233.00

    The City Lights Necklace is a Mahogany Obsidian Pendant Necklace. The Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry City Lights Necklace features a fifty seven millimeter Mahogany Obsidian pendant with a handmade sterling silver bail. The Obsidian pendant is complemented with Rainbow Obsidian rounds, Swarovski crystals, sterling and gold filled beads and eighteen karat gold plated Delicas. The Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry City Lights Necklace is finished with a gold filled lobster claw clasp. Buy unique pendant necklace jewelry at Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

    Length: 18 inches

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    Agate + Silver Necklace

    Price $195.00

    This Montana Agate Pendant Necklace was created using sterling silver wire. The wire wrapped Montana Agate Pendant, from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, comes with a nineteen inch leather cord necklace that features silver findings and a silver clasp. Montana Agate is a translucent gemstone. The various blocks of color in the Agate often look like forms in nature, such as trees, mountains and clouds. This exclusive wire wrapped pendant necklace is only available at Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

    Length: 19 inches

  • Jadeite Jade Necklace

    Price $343.00

    The Dawn Necklace is a Pietersite Pendant Necklace with Jadeite gemstone. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Dawn Necklace features a fifty six millimeter Pietersite gemstone pendant. The Pietersite gemstone pendant is complemented by White Jadeite, Butterscotch Jadeite, Tiger's-eye gemstone, Crystal Quartz gemstone, and fourteen karat gold filled beads. The clasp is a fourteen karat gold filled lobster claw clasp. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Dawn Necklace is a beautiful and unique example of Pendant Necklace Jewelry. Own an exclusive Jade gemstone jewelry necklace from Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

    Length: eighteen inches

  • Quartz + Onyx Earrings

    Price $192.00

    The Black Ice Earrings, from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, are Tourmalated Quartz Earrings that feature twenty millimeter Tourmalated Quartz gemstone. The Tourmalated Quartz gemstone are complemented by faceted Crystal Quartz gemstone and Black Onyx gemstone. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Black Ice Earrings are Deluxe Artisan Earrings which are handmade in sterling silver. The Black Ice Earrings are the perfect gemstone jewelry earrings for your elegant evening wear.

    Length: 2.5 inches

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    Agate + Silver Bracelet

    Price $373.00

    The Everest Bracelet from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is an Agate Sterling Silver Bracelet that features a forty millimeter Tibetan Dragon Skin Agate gemstone bead. The Agate gemstone is complemented by sterling silver beads and eight millimeter silver plated beads. The Everest, Agate and Sterling Silver Bracelet, is finished with a handmade sterling silver s-spiral clasp. Find exclusive, handmade sterling silver bracelets at Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

    Length 7.5 inches

  • Unakite Silver Brooch

    Price $217.00

    The 3.875 inch Autumn Day Brooch from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is a handmade Unakite silver brooch that features a thirty millimeter Unakite gemstone bead from South Carolina. The Unakite gemstone is complemented by Pink Adventurine gemstone, sterling silver beads and a ten millimeter silver plated bead. This Unakite silver brooch is a unique decorative pin brought to you by Jewels Luxus Jewelry.